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3 Tips To Design Memorable Signage To Attracts Customers In 2019

3 Tips To Design Memorable Signage To Attracts Customers In 2019

Business owners often ignore the importance of signage for grabbing the customers’ attention. The fact is that signages help drive the customers toward a business. If a signage hanging inside a store or outside of it is an attractive design, the viewers are immediately drawn to it. then, they may want to know about the company and business represented by the signage.

Many businesses now realize that signage and graphics do bring the attention of people to a business and company. According to a survey by FedEx Office, 64% of the surveyed new age small business owners in the US believe that impressive signage designs are a good marketing way to make people notice a business.
A study has revealed how customers come to know about a local business. It says that 35% saw a signage while passing, 29% always knew, 14% word of mouth, 10% advertising, 6% all other, and 7% don’t know.’’ A majority of people notice a local business by seeing its signage while passing by.

This shows the importance of placing an attractive signage somewhere on roadside or at a strategic place inside of a store. Many times, despite having no plan to stop at a place, people stop their after looking at a brilliant signage and make purchasing. Signages should be a part of overall marketing plan of a company.

Here are some key tips to create signage designs that draw people in on impulse.

1. Pick colors carefully –
The choice of colors plays a key role in creating a unique and memorable signage design. The importance of color in graphic designs is clear from the fact that we immediately associate red with Coca-Cola and yellow with McDonald’s brands.
Because signages are of smaller sizes, prefer using colors we all notice quickly. For example, we spot red instantly. Prefer using a bright color so that it catches the eye that very moment. Pay heed also to psychology of color in marketing and branding when designing your signage.
You should avoid using trendy colors. It may be that a trendy color is attractive today but it may not remain so tomorrow. That means you might be redesigning your signage almost every year. So, think of longevity of design when creating a static signage for your business and use instantly visible colors that define your brand.

2. Make it readable –
Your business signage competes for attention with many other graphic designs inside and outside of your store. Your message of the signage must reach to the audience at a glance. A surefire way to make people get your message of signage is to create a contrast in its design. When two elements in a design produce a contrasting effect, it catches viewers’ eye. Therefore, contrast is a big factor for creating an engaging sign.
Most of the signages have either text or graphics in the foreground and there is a single color in the background to produce contrast. Viewers can instantly read your message of the signage from a distance due to the contrasting effect.
If your signage color is weak or little dim, you can strengthen it by drawing an outline or create some shadow around the letterings in the foreground. Another trick to create contrast is that you draw a thick border around the text for its easy reading.

3. Use larger letters –
Your business signage must be visible clearly to the audience from a long distance. If it does not, then the design has failed in its purpose. For assured quick visibility, make sure that you use larger letters.
A rule of thumb is that you should increase the letter height by an inch for every 10 feet distance. This means that for a signage to be clearly visible from 100 feet, its letters might be 10 inches of height.
Use of right typeface also is a key to creating visible signages. Different typefaces have different legibility effect. For example, if your signage has flowery script, people may find it difficult to read from a good viewing distance. Therefore, you should pick clean typefaces that can spell out personality of your brand.
To conclude, your signage is an important marketing tool to draw your target customers’ attention to your business. To create memorable signage design, use bright color, make the sign readable by producing a contrasting effect and use larger letters.

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Post Date: 21-June-2019